In the world of real estate, the term “top broker” is often thrown around, but what truly sets a top broker apart? Is it their experience, negotiating skills, respect from peers, access to inventory, knowledge of the local market, or creativity in marketing? While all these factors are important, the true mark of a top broker lies in their ability to seamlessly blend all these elements to provide an unparalleled service to their clients. This is where The Engel Team at Douglas Elliman Real Estate shines.

Comprising of John Engel, Melissa Engel, and Susan Engel, The Engel Team has been a staple in the Connecticut real estate scene for over 40 years. Their extensive experience, coupled with their innovative approach to listing and selling real estate, has earned them a spot among the top realtors in Connecticut.


With over 40 years of shared real estate sales experience, The Engel Team offers their clients current market analytics and boundless creativity in their approach to listing and selling real estate. They guide clients through pre-listing their property, pricing, marketing strategies, and the sales process. Buyers benefit from the team’s in-depth knowledge of local real estate and tremendous market insight in the areas of both real estate investment and development.

Negotiating Skills

Negotiating is an art, and The Engel Team has mastered it. Their ability to negotiate favorable terms for their clients, whether they are buying or selling, is a testament to their expertise and understanding of the market dynamics.

Respect of Peers

Both John and Susan Engel have won the prestigious Realtor of the Year Award in New Canaan, a testament to their respect within the industry. Susan has twice served as President of the New Canaan Board of Realtors, further solidifying her standing among her peers.

Access to Inventory

The Engel Team’s extensive network and affiliations provide them with access to a wide range of properties, ensuring their clients have the best options to choose from.

Knowledge of the Local Market

Each week, the members of The Engel Team spend hours doing market analysis, researching, conducting broker open house tours, and conversing with other realtors to get the current pulse of the market. They meet as a team and with other realtors to discuss market status and buyer trends. They then provide clients with an easy-to-understand and in-depth monthly market analysis called the Market Report.

Creativity in Marketing

The Engel Team leverages their 40 years of shared real estate sales experience as well as John’s 20 years in internet marketing and media to ensure that every property is marketed locally and globally. John’s creativity shines through in the unique and exciting ways he markets properties, cutting through the clutter of a thousand listings, causing the viewer to stop and say, “Have I seen that before?”

Support of a Worldwide Market Leader

Being part of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, a worldwide market leader, The Engel Team has the backing and resources to provide their clients with top-notch service.


Choosing a top broker is a crucial step in any real estate transaction. Clients should look for a broker who not only has the experience and skills but also understands their unique needs and can guide them through the process seamlessly. The Engel Team, with their extensive experience, innovative approach, and dedication to their clients, truly sets the bar for what it means to be a top broker in Connecticut.

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