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Recieve weekly updates of town-wide activity via market reports.

With over 40 years of experience, this dynamic and innovative team offers their clients current market analytics and boundless creativity in their approach to listing and selling real estate.

The Engel Team guides clients through pre-listing their property, pricing, marketing strategies, and the sales process. Buyers benefit from the team’s in-depth knowledge of local real estate and tremendous market insight in the areas of both real estate investment and development.

Each week, the members of the Engel Team spend hours doing market analysis, researching, conducting broker open house tours, and conversing with other realtors to get the current pulse of the market. They meet as a team and with other realtors to discuss market status and buyer trends. They then provide clients with an easy-to-understand and in-depth monthly market analysis called the Market Report.

The Engel Team leverages their 40 years of shared real estate sales experience as well as John’s 20 years in internet marketing and media to ensure that every property is marketed locally and globally.

The team delivers a service platform that encompasses its members’ knowledge, network, and analysis so that clients can confidently transact within the area’s (New Canaan, Darien, Wilton, Norwalk, Stamford, Rowayton) dynamic residential real estate market.

John Engel

2017 Agent of The Year – New Canaan

Producer’s Council – Top 5% Companywide

A consistently top-producing agent in New Canaan, John recently won the 2018 Realtor of the Year Award in New Canaan for his dedicated service to the town. He is currently the Chairman of the Town Council and was formerly a member of the New Canaan Zoning Board of Appeals. He is therefore well-versed in land-use and zoning issues in town. He is also the owner of two commercial buildings in downtown New Canaan.

John also brings an insight into internet-based marketing that is unsurpassed. Before going into real estate he was the founder of two successful internet businesses, and

He is a member of the New Canaan Rotary Club and previous board member of The New Canaan Land Trust and Staying Put New Canaan. John was also instrumental in the formation of the New Canaan Outback Teen Center.

John grew up in New Canaan before attending Davidson College in North Carolina. After graduating, he served as an officer in the U.S. Army and fought in the first Gulf War. He lives in New Canaan with his wife Melissa and four children.

What is John’s role on the Engel Team? John is creative. He comes up with unique and exciting ways to market properties, cutting through the clutter of a thousand listings, causing the viewer to stop and say, “Have I seen that before?”

John is analytical. He pores over the data each month in order to get a better understanding of the market.  When a buyer says “I love this house, but what’s it worth?” we know that John will have a point of view on value, supported with data on what has been selling lately.

John is a writer. He writes a column for the New Canaan Advertiser. He writes a market report which is widely distributed throughout New Canaan and the tri-state area.

Susan Engel

Licensed in Connecticut

New Canaan – Elm Street Office


Susan Engel has long been one the area’s most knowledgeable realtors. Consistently a top producer, she was voted Realtor of the Year in New Canaan by her peers and has twice served as President of the New Canaan Board of Realtors. She has been involved in more than 500 real estate transactions in New Canaan since 1982. Her 30-plus years as a full-time agent in town have resulted in her knowing the current value and attributes of almost every home in New Canaan.

Susan works with top builders in our area to communicate trends in the market and changing customer needs. Her expertise includes the areas of luxury homes, vintage homes, condominiums, land, and new construction.

What is Susan’s role on the Engel Team?

First of all, Susan has the experience of being in every home in town. That is no exaggeration.  She has lived in this town 40 years and been a real estate agent for 35. When you drive around New Canaan with Susan she points out the window and gives a commentary on each house, when it sold last, whether it was renovated, and what were its greatest assets and issues. Her encyclopedic mind is a critical asset to the team and new agents.

Susan shows a house better than anyone. And really, this is an essential part of the job. If we were selling stocks we might look up the associated facts and weigh a decision. But, houses are so much more than stocks and Susan is able to paint a picture of what it might be like to live in each home, imagining the family coming together to eat in this space, opening up walls over here, and having coffee together over there. Its quite something to behold an experience realtor with imagination who can articulate for her client what is essential about a house and to bring that house to life. If you want to see what I mean, watch the videos at 312 Elm Street, 269 Dans Highway and 7 Canaan Close. This is how Susan shows a house.

And Susan is a people-person, and that makes her a natural rainmaker. People come up to me every day and say, “I just love your mother.”  She is genuine with an upbeat, a positive personality. That is the kind of person people want to work with, whether its looking for a home they can be excited about, or whether it is going through the process of putting a house on the market for sale. When you’ve been around so long, and everybody knows you and trusts you, they want to hire you. Rather than slow down saying, “I don’t want to work that hard” she has decided to surround herself with a capable team and it allows Susan to do what she does best, connect with people.

Melissa Engel

Licensed in Connecticut

New Canaan – Elm Street Office

Melissa is from North Carolina and graduated with a B.S. in Business from Queens University in Charlotte, NC. She is an efficiency expert managing the listing side of the business for the Engel Team, which she co-leads along with her husband John.

Long-time residents of New Canaan, the power couple is deeply rooted in the town and has in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the area. The Engel Team is composed of full-time agents who provide an invaluable edge in meeting their clients’ needs, providing professional service and unbridled creative solutions.

Melissa is a mother of four children, and when not in the office, she volunteers her time to run the board of the New England Dance Theater. She loves to garden with her chocolate Lab, Lucy.

What is Melissa’s role on the Engel Team? Melissa organizes the team. That is how the Engel Team is able to leverage the skills and talents of every member to our client’s advantage. Melissa plans the advertising, schedules the open houses, and assigns the leads according to who is doing what, has the skills and whether they have any available bandwidth.

Melissa communicates with our clients. As she so often reminds us its not enough that we do the work, we have to let our clients know what’s going on. That means letting them know in advance about showings, and providing feedback after each showing so we can collectively learn and adjust.

Melissa has the perspective of a mother, wife and homemaker in New Canaan. She remembers what it felt like to move here, raise a family, and become part of the community and so she can provide a perspective that John, Charles and Susan lack. First of all, she is a great cook and cooks every night so she has a point of view on every kitchen on the market. She looks at the mudroom and the laundry room with the perspective of a mom.

Charles Anello

Licensed in Connecticut

New Canaan – Elm Street Office

Charles’ journey started in the construction field, and over the last 30 years, he has owned and managed a number of successful companies. He has worked hard to be 100% referral-based, relying solely on his quality of work and being “of service” to his clientele. While still at the top of his game, Charles enters the real estate field, bringing his knowledge of homes to a new variety of customer. Combining his construction, management, and real estate investing skills makes him a real estate salesperson that you can rely on to help on your home journey.

What makes Charles so effective is his understanding of the unique needs of buyers, sellers, and renters, as well as his gift for bringing together a successful deal that satisfies every party involved. As a longtime property investor and manager, he appreciates the value potential of real estate, as well as the emotional side of buying or selling a home.

Born and raised in New Canaan, Charles has seen the numerous transformations the town has undergone, becoming the sleepy hub for affluent CEOs, actors, and musicians. The town’s draw to New York’s elite is legendary and is part of what makes being a realtor here so special for Charles.

Maria Naughton

Licensed in Connecticut

New Canaan – Elm Street Office

Maria isn’t new. She became an agent several years ago (with John and Susan Engel at Barbara Cleary’s Realty Guild) and then took time off from real estate to work in education. She filled critical roles at St. Aloysius School and served as a member of New Canaan’s Board of Education for two terms. Now, she’s back with us in Real Estate full-time and her understanding of what makes our schools great is proving to be an important asset for families considering where they want to settle in Fairfield County.

After working at GE Capital, Maria spent 18 years in the field of education. As both teacher and consultant, she served in many capacities, including teaching students, and training teachers and administrators at all levels in school systems around Fairfield County. This in-depth insight and understanding of education help Maria best serve her clients’ needs.

As a life-long area resident, and through community involvement, Maria has a solid understanding of the community and the people living here.  In addition, her experience with technology allows her to utilize tools to best meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.

She is a member of the New Canaan Board of Education, past Member of the Republican Town Committee, Candidate for Town Council, Volunteer with schools, local sports, and St. Aloysius Church, and past writer of Education Matters in the New CanaanAdvertiser

Maria and her husband, Bob have lived in New Canaan since 2002, and have four children who have attended both public and private schools in the area.

What is Maria’s role on the Engel Team? Maria is an excellent buyer-broker. She follows and knows the current inventory, participates in all team and office meetings, visits every broker open house and comes back and reports to the team on what’s out there. As a mother of four who knows all our schools she can provide insight into both homes and the differences between school districts that most agents cannot.

Why Real Estate?

The first question we ask ourselves is why we become a real estate salesperson at all? The answers are simple. In Fairfield County, Connecticut real estate is our most valuable product and our largest industry. Therefore, if you are good at it and driven you can make a lot of money here. You get paid based on your productivity. You set your own hours and your income has unlimited potential.

What’s The Downside?

The reality is that most agents do less than one real estate transaction per year. In Greenwich there are over 1000 members of the real estate board competing for 415 house & condo sales. In New Canaan 400 licensed agents share in 262 sales each year. That’s 1.2 “sides” per agent per year. Can you live on 1 sale per year? No, the average agent is not full-time, is not re-investing in her business, and is not capable of leveraging all of the tools and technologies available to compete at the highest levels in this business.

So, how do I make sure that I succeed in real estate?

1. Work full time. You must be in the market every day.

2. Join a most-capable agency. I’m sorry but boutique agencies simply do not have the technology and marketing resources to compete in the 21st century. You must join one of the big boys that provide a comprehensive platform that allows you to compete at the highest level. And, then you have to master that platform which leads us finally to…

3. Join a most-capable team. There is a reason that agents are coming together in teams. It is impossible for any single agent to do everything well. We must service our buyers and our sellers, conduct open houses, give feedback, collect feedback, communicate with sellers, leverage all of the marketing and technological tools, self-publish, advertise, analyze the data, and communicate with our fellow agents. This is why it has become necessary to divide the workload among team members who specialize in one or more areas of the business. Join a team so that you can focus on buyer-agency, or on the listing process, or marketing, or a specific geographic area. The Engel Team gets leads from our marketing and listing activity throughout Fairfield County, and we need help following up effectively behind all of our marketing activity.

All of this is focused on helping you to get out and do what you do best: assist and educate Home Buyers & Sellers in the next step of their lives!

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