“The mother art is architecture. Without architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization”

– Frank Lloyd Wright
Oh, it’s like Harry Potter mania all over again. I am excited about a book release.
Let me be the first to congratulate New Canaan’s Cristina Ross on the publishing of her new book, Midnight Houses Today, to be released by the Monacelli Press on October 21st. The book focuses on 16 midcentury moderns in New Canaan.
The book launch party is scheduled for October 25th at the New Canaan Historical Society.
The Harvard Five in New Canaan, the last book on the subject, was written by our own Bill Earls and released in July 2006. Since that time interest in the modern houses in New Canaan has increased significantly. Tours of the Philip Johnson Glass House go on sale in the Spring and sell out the whole season faster than a Bruce Springsteen concert. 

For tickets to the Glass House, go here: tickets


Philip Johnson’s Wiley House of 1952-1953
This video on the moderns in New Canaan was produced this summer by our intern at The Realty Guild, Finley Walker, and features footage of many of the modern homes as well as interviews of the director of the Glass House and modern architects James Evans and Laszlo Papp.