Nestled in Fairfield County, Connecticut, the town of Weston offers a picturesque and close-knit community known for its natural beauty, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look into what it’s like to live in Weston, including top 10 lists of restaurants, shopping opportunities, parks, schools, things to do, tax rates, housing costs, population changes, private clubs, attractions, cultural events, commuting times to New York City, and recreation activities.

Community and Lifestyle:

Weston is a town that prides itself on its tranquil and family-friendly environment. With a population of approximately 10,000 residents, it offers a close-knit community where neighbors often know one another and come together for various events and activities. The town’s rural charm, rolling hills, and vast open spaces provide a serene backdrop for those seeking a peaceful and nature-oriented lifestyle.

Top 10 Restaurants in Weston:

  1. The Schoolhouse at Cannondale
  2. The Red Barn
  3. Aspetuck Valley Country Club
  4. Rothbard Ale + Larder
  5. The Lunch Box
  6. Good Morning Coffee
  7. Weston Pizza
  8. Peter’s Weston Market
  9. Cobb’s Mill Inn
  10. Sunset Grille

Top 10 Shopping Opportunities in Weston:

  1. Weston Center
  2. Weston Shopping Center
  3. Peter’s Weston Market
  4. The Hickory Stick Bookshop
  5. The Painted Cookie
  6. Weston Hardware
  7. Weston Gardens
  8. Weston Florist
  9. Weston Wine Company
  10. Weston Sport Shop

Top 10 Parks in Weston:

  1. Devil’s Den Preserve
  2. Bisceglie-Scribner Park
  3. Lachat Town Farm
  4. Morehouse Farm Park
  5. Weston Town Green
  6. Valley Forge Park
  7. Kettle Creek
  8. Aspetuck Land Trust Trails
  9. Samuel T. Senior Park
  10. Norfield Children’s Center Playground

Top 10 Schools in Weston:

  1. Weston High School
  2. Weston Middle School
  3. Hurlbutt Elementary School
  4. Weston Intermediate School
  5. Weston Preschool
  6. Landmark Academy
  7. Stepping Stones Preschool
  8. Country Kids Preschool
  9. The Goddard School
  10. Landmark Preschool

Top 10 Things to Do in Weston:

  1. Explore Devil’s Den Preserve
  2. Attend Weston Farmers Market
  3. Enjoy a round of golf at Aspetuck Valley Country Club
  4. Attend the Weston Memorial Day Parade
  5. Participate in Weston Historical Society events
  6. Join the Weston Women’s League
  7. Take part in the Weston Summer Concert Series
  8. Attend the Annual Weston Harvest Fair
  9. Experience the Weston Memorial Day 5K Road Race
  10. Engage in various community-sponsored events and activities

Tax Rate and Housing Costs (2022): As of 2022, the tax rate in Weston is 32.92.  This rate reflects the amount of taxes homeowners are required to pay on their properties. The tax rate in Weston can vary depending on individual property assessments and changes in local tax policies.

Weston offers a range of housing options, from charming historic homes to contemporary residences. The average price of a home in Weston in 2022 is approximately [Average Home Price]. It’s worth mentioning that housing costs may vary based on factors such as location, size, and property amenities.

Private Clubs and Country Clubs: Weston boasts several private clubs, including country clubs, where residents can enjoy recreational activities, socializing, and upscale amenities. Some of the prominent private clubs in Weston include:

  1. Aspetuck Valley Country Club
  2. Weston Field Club
  3. Weston Racquet Club
  4. Weston Golf Club

Top Attractions and Cultural Events:

Weston offers a range of attractions that showcase its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Some of the top attractions include:

  1. Devil’s Den Preserve
  2. Bisceglie-Scribner Park
  3. Lachat Town Farm
  4. Weston Historical Society
  5. Weston Playhouse
  6. Weston Library

Throughout the year, Weston hosts various cultural events, including art exhibitions, music concerts, theater performances, and community festivals. Residents can engage in these events to celebrate the town’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Commuting Times to New York City:

For those commuting to New York City, Weston provides convenient access to transportation options. The estimated commuting time by train from Weston to Grand Central Station is approximately 80 minutes.

Top Recreation Activities:

Residents of Weston can partake in a variety of recreational activities to stay active and enjoy the town’s natural surroundings. Some popular recreation activities include:

  1. Hiking and nature walks in Devil’s Den Preserve
  2. Golfing at Aspetuck Valley Country Club
  3. Tennis at Weston Racquet Club
  4. Swimming and socializing at Weston Field Club
  5. Participating in youth sports leagues and programs


Living in Weston, Connecticut, offers residents a tranquil and family-friendly environment with a strong sense of community. The town provides a range of amenities, including top-rated restaurants, shopping opportunities, parks, schools, cultural events, and recreational activities. With its natural beauty, excellent schools, convenient commuting options, and diverse recreational offerings, Weston offers a desirable lifestyle for those seeking a balance between suburban charm and modern conveniences.