Nestled along the scenic coastline of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Greenwich is an affluent town known for its exceptional amenities, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant community. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into what it’s like to live in Greenwich, including average property taxes, housing costs, enrollment in the public school system, top 10 lists of restaurants, shopping opportunities, parks, schools, things to do, private clubs including country clubs, top attractions, and cultural events. Additionally, we will highlight the town’s youth sports opportunities, including notable achievements by the high school teams in state championships and county championships over the past decade.

Property Taxes, Housing Costs, and School Enrollment:

Greenwich residents benefit from the town’s superb services, amenities, and renowned education system. As of [Year], the average property taxes in Greenwich are approximately [Average Property Taxes]. These taxes contribute to the town’s exceptional public services, well-maintained infrastructure, and recreational facilities.

When it comes to housing, Greenwich offers an array of luxurious properties, including elegant estates, waterfront residences, and upscale condominiums. The average home cost in Greenwich is approximately [Average Home Cost], with a median home cost of [Median Home Cost]. These figures reflect the town’s prestigious real estate market and the desirable nature of its properties.

Greenwich takes pride in its exceptional public schools, providing students with a top-tier education. As of [Year], there are [Number of Children] children enrolled in the public school system, including those attending Greenwich High School. Greenwich High School is renowned for its academic excellence, extracurricular programs, and athletic achievements.

Top 10 Restaurants in Greenwich:

  1. Polpo
  2. Elm Street Oyster House
  3. Mediterraneo
  4. Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant
  5. The National
  6. Gabriele’s Italian Steakhouse
  7. Terra Ristorante Italiano
  8. L’Escale
  9. The Ginger Man
  10. Barcelona Wine Bar

Top 10 Shopping Opportunities in Greenwich:

  1. Greenwich Avenue Shopping District
  2. The Rummage Room
  3. Richards
  4. Betteridge Jewelers
  5. Saks Fifth Avenue
  6. The Perfect Provenance
  7. Lilly Pulitzer
  8. Ralph Lauren
  9. Splurge Gifts
  10. Restoration Hardware

Top 10 Parks in Greenwich:

  1. Greenwich Point Park
  2. Tod’s Point
  3. Binney Park
  4. Bruce Park
  5. Mianus River Park
  6. Montgomery Pinetum Park
  7. Island Beach
  8. Babcock Preserve
  9. Pomerance Park
  10. Cos Cob Park

Top 10 Schools in Greenwich:

  1. Greenwich High School
  2. Central Middle School
  3. Western Middle School
  4. Eastern Middle School
  5. North Mianus School
  6. International School at Dundee
  7. Old Greenwich School
  8. Parkway School
  9. North Street School
  10. Riverside School

Top 10 Things to Do in Greenwich:

  1. Explore the Bruce Museum and its art exhibitions
  2. Visit the Greenwich Audubon Center for nature walks and birdwatching
  3. Take a scenic boat tour along the Long Island Sound
  4. Enjoy a round of golf at the Griffith E. Harris Golf Course
  5. Attend performances at the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra
  6. Explore the historical collections at the Greenwich Historical Society
  7. Visit the Greenwich Polo Club for thrilling polo matches
  8. Take a leisurely stroll through the Greenwich Point Park trails
  9. Enjoy water activities and picnicking at Tod’s Point
  10. Attend the Greenwich Wine + Food Festival

Private Clubs and Country Clubs:

Greenwich offers a range of private clubs and country clubs that provide exclusive amenities, recreational activities, and socializing opportunities. Some of the notable private clubs in Greenwich include:

  1. The Greenwich Country Club
  2. The Stanwich Club
  3. The Round Hill Club
  4. Burning Tree Country Club

Top Attractions and Cultural Events:

Greenwich is home to various attractions and cultural events that showcase its rich history and vibrant arts scene. Some of the top attractions include:

  1. The Bruce Museum
  2. Greenwich Point Conservancy
  3. Bush-Holley House
  4. Greenwich Avenue Shopping District

Throughout the year, Greenwich hosts a range of cultural events and community celebrations, including art exhibitions, festivals, and performances. Residents can immerse themselves in the town’s vibrant cultural scene and engage in a variety of community activities.

Youth Sports Opportunities:

Greenwich offers a wide range of youth sports opportunities, allowing children to engage in athletic activities and develop their skills. The high school teams in Greenwich have achieved notable success in state championships and county championships across various sports, including:

  • Football
  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  • Boys and Girls Tennis
  • Boys and Girls Cross Country
  • Boys and Girls Track and Field
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving
  • Boys and Girls Golf


Living in Greenwich, Connecticut, offers residents a sophisticated lifestyle with access to exceptional amenities, prestigious schools, fine dining, upscale shopping, beautiful parks, and a vibrant community. The town’s average property taxes, housing costs, top-rated schools, private clubs, top attractions, cultural events, and successful youth sports programs contribute to the overall high quality of life in Greenwich. Whether exploring the town’s scenic beauty, attending cultural events, enjoying outdoor activities, or participating in community events, residents of Greenwich can find a multitude of experiences that enhance their lifestyle and create lasting memories.