Letter: Library is ‘thinking smart’


Editor, Advertiser:

This letter is in response to the Setting Priorities opinion column by John Engel, recently published in the New Canaan Advertiser. We appreciate the early support for the Library that John is voicing in his column. We expect the new library to make a major contribution to the vitality of town life and the local economy, and we are grateful that the Town has an earmarked funds for this project from the start.
We are humbled by the initial strong showing of support and enthusiasm from our donors. It is our aim to raise the majority of funding for this project from private resources. 
The Library’s mission has not changed — this new building will meet the clear demand for our services which are now severely constrained by the failing structure we inhabit. 
We are confident that beyond “thinking big,” we are thinking smart. We believe this project is a win for the whole community, an investment in the future.  As the last among our Fairfield County peer towns to build or renovate their library, we are long overdue. We are glad that Town recognizes the catalytic effect their investment will have.  
Robert Butman
President, Board of Trustees
New Canaan Library