Editor, Advertiser,

I was John Engel’s roommate in college and best man at his wedding. Two words sum John up: integrity and perseverance. I saw John confronted with issues that might compromise his integrity. Each time he did the right thing. Faced with choosing dubious, short-term gain versus doing what’s right, John always chose what’s right. John never gives up. I remember a 1991 letter he wrote to me from Saudi Arabia where he was serving as an Army officer during the First Gulf War. Things were bleak: US forces were poised to enter Kuwait and they did not know exactly what they would encounter. It was frightening but John never waivered. Under enemy fire, John’s unit moved through sandstorms and oil field fires until they liberated Kuwait City.

New Canaan will be well served with John Engel as Selectman.

Robert A. (Andy) Nilsson