Editor, Advertiser,

We are all local business owners in New Canaan. A vote for John Engel is a vote to energize the downtown. Engel is an experienced local businessman who understands what it means to be a small business. Engel is an innovator, not a politician, willing to think outside the box to revive our downtown. Engel is accessible because he works here everyday, not just on weekends. We see him in our stores and restaurants and know that this is a priority for him beyond the election season. Engel is positive. He is focused on how we can work together to improve our village. Engel will focus on the downtown.

Michael Lamaker, Lamakers
Jack Trifero, The Gramophone Shop
Geoff Sigg, Pennyweights
Seth Leifer, The Filling Station Company
Art Kean, Mobil
Jim Berry, Mackenzies
Ann Chou, The Canaan Parish Sweet Shoppe
J. Gadzik, Sallea Antiques
Dorothy Mann, Dorothy Mann
Diane Roth, L’Amoire
Lucy Brown, Energy Saver
Daniel Bern, MacKenzies
Mr. Qahir, New Canaan Gulf
Susan Langfor, Soleil Toile
Ron Rosenfeld, New Balance
Carmen Carbos, Salon Kiklo
Nicole Yannien, DWR Consignment
Denise Friess, DWR Consignment
Melissa Lindsey, Pimlico
Damien Togridis, New Canaan Shoe Repair
Chrissy Smith, Aqua Spa
Wendy Diamond, Taylor’s Luggage
Kathy Blankenship, Vineyard Gardens
Alicia Taylor, The Linen Shop
Reid Iannazzo, Reid’s Country Cupboard
Karen Witmann, The Silk Purse