Banking Crisis, a show on the future of lending

There used to be 18,000 commercial banks in the US before the 80’s crash. Now there are a bit more than 4,000. People and businesses rely on banks more than ever, but the need for drive-up, bricks and mortar bank branches has diminished. We don’t need drive-throughs or ATMs, but we do need superior electronics. Where do Lending Tree and Rocket Mortgage fit in as banks adapt to the changing needs? We’ll ask our experts. We have experienced several events that have resulted in yet another jolt to smaller and regional banks, including tanking their deposit base and stock prices. Aside from a national crisis in bank confidence, personally I think it’s a real loss that Silicon Valley Bank has disappeared, and hope for the best for First Republic – one of the very best niche banks in the country. The fact that their assets are misaligned with their liabilities is not much different than the too-big-to-fail banks, yet they are getting punished for it. The Fed should support all banks if they want true competition…but they don’t. Will we see reform and additional regulation? We’ll ask our experts. As the Fed raises rates to combat inflation we are seeing most Americans sitting tight with their low-interest mortgages. As a consequence there is a record-low level of real estate inventory available, and record-low levels of new mortgages and refinancing activity. Banks are making less on each mortgage. We’ll ask our experts about the business plan for banks and what will it take to break this cycle that seems to be breaking banks.

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